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At Her Health Clinic in Murdoch, exceptional medical care is just the beginning. 
Our commitment is to listen intently, connect genuinely, and understand you deeply. We believe in nurturing a relationship where you feel heard, cared for, and valued so you can thrive.

Obstetrics and gynaecology,
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What we do

Her Health Clinic specialises in the full spectrum of care, from the joys of maternity to the complexities of gynaecological challenges. Located in Wexford Medical Centre in Murdoch, we provide a range of women’s health services. 

Her Health Clinic

Her Health Clinic’s expertise in a nutshell

What we do


Pregnancy isn’t just about medical check-ups and routine tests. It’s about creating a connection where you feel heard, supported, and confidently informed every step of the way. 

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At Her Health Clinic, your antenatal care schedule is designed to support you through every stage of pregnancy.

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Whether you prefer a natural birth, caesarean section or a vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC), we will support you and make sure you feel empowered. 

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At Her Health Clinic we help your body to prepare for the physical changes of pregnancy and childbirth. 

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We team up with your GP to cover all bases. This teamwork makes sure everything is taken care of; from our specialised obstetric services to your GPs comprehensive health knowledge. 

At Her Health Clinic, we collaborate with a lactation specialist, ensuring you receive expert guidance and support for breastfeeding. 


We have a deep understanding of the impact of heavy menstrual bleeding and painful periods on a woman’s life. 

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Managing first periods is about providing the right information, care, and understanding. 

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Vaginal prolapse is common and when your symptoms are interfering with your daily life activities, it’s best to seek treatment. 

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Fibroids are benign growths in the uterus and are a common women’s health condition. Heavy or painful periods are often the main reason to seek treatment. 

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At Her Health Clinic, we offer laparoscopic surgery as a minimally invasive treatment option for a range of gynaecological conditions. 

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At Her Health Clinic, we’re here to support you through perimenopause and menopause. It’s about finding what treatment works best for you, whether it’s lifestyle tweaks, hormone therapy, or other options. 

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About Her Health Clinic in Murdoch

“At Her Health Clinic it’s about being part of your story, holding hands, and making each moment, no matter how complex, a bit better.”
Her Health Clinic