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Four reasons why I became an obstetrician
In this article, I’ll share four reasons why I became an obstetrician. And the final reason? Well, it’s the one that makes me stumble out of bed in the middle of the night, sleepy but determined to deliver your baby.

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Reason 1:
Watching the magic of a twin birth

Growing up in a family of doctors, my dad – a GP from Egypt – was my first glimpse into the world of medicine. His ability to light up a room and draw smiles and hugs from just about everyone we met left a lasting impression on me. Being stopped by cars driving past us just so his patients could give him a hug. “Dr Mohamed! How are you?” I still remember sitting in the heat of his big light blue car with his 4 number licence plate.

But it wasn’t until I witnessed my first birth, twins, no less, that I knew without a shadow of a doubt: obstetrics was my path.

“Watching that first vaginal birth as a medical student in Egypt, is the reason why I am an obstetrician today. The look on the mother’s face when she held her babies for the first time was priceless. At that moment, I knew what my career would be.”

Dr Eman Alnaggar - Her Health Clinic

Dr Eman Alnaggar

Dr Eman Alnaggar, obstetrician Perth

From that profound beginning in Egypt, where every day was a lesson in doing more with less, I moved to Qatar. There, everything was on a bigger scale – more births, more resources, and a lot more learning, especially from working crazy long shifts and meeting people from all over the world. It was tough but taught me so much.

Then, off to NSW for some serious surgical training, which really upped my game. By 2014, I got my fellowship and became a specialist. Two years later and welcoming my second boy, I found myself in Perth, where I now live and practice. You can read more about my journey, on my About page.

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Reason 2:
Fostering the mother-baby-family bond

At the heart of my work is the drive to nurture the bond between mothers, babies, and their families right from the start. This isn’t just about medical care; it’s about trust, support, and a whole lot of heart.

From the first cry to the first cuddle, I’m there to make sure these moments are as smooth and joyful as possible. My approach is all about respecting mama’s wishes and providing safe options, working together to achieve the best possible outcomes.

“It’s not just a job; it’s a privilege to be part of such a special time, ensuring every family feels supported and confident. This is why I’m here, doing what I do, every single day.”

Dr Eman Alnaggar - Her Health Clinic

Dr Eman Alnaggar

Dr Eman Alnaggar, obstetrician Perth

This motivation keeps me going, no matter how long the day (or night)…

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Reason 3:
Guiding new lives safely into the world

One of the greatest rewards of my profession is being that person who can safely help babies find their way into the world. Every time I guide a baby safely into the arms of their waiting parents, I’m reminded of why I chose this path.

It’s these moments, filled with relief, joy, and everytime, for me, awe, I am filled by the essence of obstetrics.

“In my early days, I watched a mentor manually rotate a baby’s head from posterior to anterior to help baby birth. I would not let it go, until I could do it. Being able to tap into these skills, if things don’t go as planned, has become a big part of what I do. Skills like this have helped me a lot in those challenging moments.”

Dr Eman Alnaggar - Her Health Clinic

Dr Eman Alnaggar

Dr Eman Alnaggar, obstetrician Perth

Helping to bring life into the world safely is not just a job; it’s MY JOB and my contribution to the next generation.

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Reason 4:
Witnessing the transformation from woman to mother

And the final reason? It’s witnessing the transformation to becoming a mother, seeing that incredible change unfold whether it’s her first child or her fourth, in both calm and challenging deliveries – that’s where the magic is. And it’s not only about the mothers; it’s about witnessing partners becoming parents, embracing their new roles.

What you might not guess is how simple yet profound my core motivation is. Being there in that pivotal, life-changing moment, witnessing the birth of a new family member, and the birth of new parents, is what really makes me keep going despite the incredible toll of maternity care on anyone. It’s these moments that define the essence of obstetrics for me.

“Over the years, I found continuity of care not always possible in public hospitals, because of the sheer volume and nature of set-up . Now, in private practice, I can spend more time with each family. I get to give them the care they need, starting from our very first consultation.”

Dr Eman Alnaggar - Her Health Clinic

Dr Eman Alnaggar

Dr Eman Alnaggar, obstetrician Perth

Being able to get to know my patients, to remember parts of their stories and see how their families get bigger and happier – that’s the biggest reason I do what I do.

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